From contemporary looks inspired by the catwalk to shoes that put growing feet in safe hands, one name says it all: Clarks. The world number one in 'Everyday Footwear,' we design, innovate, manufacture and sell more than 55 million pairs of shoes every year.

Welcome to Clarks Americas! I invite you to explore this website to learn more about what it means to work at Clarks and how you can be part of our exciting future in the Americas.

I’ve always believed that a great company starts with great people. We strive to be a company that gives each individual a voice, fosters an environment of respect and offers a culture where we work hard and also have fun. If you thrive in a collaborative environment and bring a winning attitude and a passion for shoes, you need look no further than Clarks!

Our Americas team is part of a global Clarks community of 14,000 employees. The Clarks brand is purchased in more than 75 countries and we are proud to be known worldwide for our craftsmanship and our commitment to quality.

I invite you to learn more about Clarks, our rich history and what our brand stands for as you explore what opportunities within our Americas team might be the right fit for you. I wish you every bit of success as you define the next chapter in your career!

All the best,

Gary Champion
President, Clarks Americas

Our history

It began with a flash of inspiration. It was 1825 in the Somerset village of Street and James Clark was busy working at the tannery owned by his brother, Cyrus. Among the sheepskin rugs, the off-cuts and cast-offs were piling up when James had a brainwave: “Slippers!”. And the rest, as they say, is history. A few stitches and a few years later, the sheepskin slipper was born. And so began a remarkable story of vision, innovation and invention; a story that continues to unfold to this day.

  • 1800
  • 1850
  • 1900
  • 1950
  • 2000


Using sheepskin off-cuts from their tannery, brothers James and Cyrus Clark start making a slipper they call the Brown Petersburg.


Sales of the Brown Petersburg are averaging 1,000 pairs a month.


Trading as C & J Clark Limited, Cyrus and James win two awards at the 'Great Exhibition Of The Works Of Industry Of All Nations', an event organized by Prince Albert to showcase modern industrial technology and design.


Named after the patron saint of shoemakers, the Crispin Sewing machine is invented by William Stephens Clark. It not only revolutionizes the manufacture of footwear, it’s also a giant step forward in improving working conditions.


The Hygienic range is launched and features the first shoe to be specifically designed to fit the shape of the foot.


The female ankle is suddenly on display and shoes that show them at their best are a must-have for every elegant lady of the time. C & J Clark are happy to oblige.


The first Clarks press advertisement appears. It features the chorus girls of Charles B Cochran's Revue wearing the 'Colorado' sandal.


The Clarks innovators invent a foot gauge that accurately measured the length, width and depth of children's feet, helping to deliver the best fit for growing feet.


Inspired by a suede boot he saw in Cairo's Old Bazaar, the Clarks Desert Boot is designed by Nathan Clark and debuted at the Chicago Shoe Fair.


The Clarks Desert Boot goes on sale. Its crepe sole and clean lines make it an instant hit and it's acclaimed as the world's first smart casual shoe.


Inspired by a moccasin made by a company called Sioux, the Wallabee was originally called Grasshopper. With a little help from the largest billboard ever seen, its leap to fame in North America is followed by a worldwide success that continued for years to come.


The Commandos range for boys is launched. School shoes that come complete with a free badge, the launch is supported by an advertising campaign inspired by the comic book illustrations of the time.


Polyveldt construction is launched. It features lightweight, flexible construction and a distinctive design that people still love now.


The first shop branded simply 'Clarks' opens in Tooting, South London.


The Magic Steps range for girls makes its debut. The innovative design features secret charms hidden in the heels and the shoes quickly become the talk of the playground.


The All Terrain Leisure (ATL) sandal is launched. Built for durability and comfort, they are the first sandals to feature Active Air underfoot cushioning. The advertising campaign features the British adventurer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, as the "Face of ATL".


Westway Distribution Center in Street opens after 12 months of tests on its highly automated distribution system. The roof is the largest single expanse in Europe, at 30,000 square metres in area. It can hold up to 6 million pairs of at one time and ship 200,000 pairs per day.


The Woodnote court shoe, originally designed in the 1950s, is pulled from the archives and updated to create Bombay Light. The updated style is a sell-out success.


'Fun Built In' takes another step forward in the shape of a range of toys and characters that are hidden in the heel of selected kids' shoes. They include Daisy and Jack Nano.


Kids' shoes with 'Fun Built In' come with a code that unlocks a downloadable app and gives boys and girls access to a world of fun.


Somewhere in the world 105 pairs of Clarks shoes are sold every 60 seconds as we continue on our journey to deliver effortless British style to more and more consumers in more and more places around the world.

Clarks today

Clarks ambitious plans for the future are built upon the strong foundations of our brand, our heritage and our unrivalled expertise. They’re also built on strong current performance, as these key facts illustrate.

191 years of history
55 million pairs of shoes sold
£1.5 billion in sales
75 countries
1,500 stores worldwide
14,000 employees

Lasting principles

What we know and how we think. Who we are, where we're from and how we behave. These are the inspirations that we value as we build brand and business.

We are feet experts

Trust in our expertise. Leonardo da Vinci described the human foot as "a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art." And to make sure we can look after it better than anyone else, we've studied it. From the cradle to old age. We've looked at the way it develops. We've scrutinized its biomechanics, the way it moves at work, rest and play. What we know is what makes us experts. What we know is what will always use to get things right.

Use our expertise.

We learn from how you live

Knowledge is power. And what we've learned from observing the world about us is what gives us the power to interpret the lives, loves and lifestyles of others into answers to their needs. Practical as well as emotional. And we will keep on learning, sometimes adapting but always staying true to our craft and our responsibilities.

Be relevant.

Everybody should wear good shoes

Spread the word. The right shoes may not help you conquer the world, as someone once suggested, but they can help you take life's ups and downs in your stride. So, stylish or comfortable or an effortless combination of both; fashionable or functional or a seamless blend of the two, we will always make the right shoes, good shoes, available. To as many people as possible in as many places as possible.

Make shoes make a difference.

The shoe is the star

Do what we do best. Times change. Today's headline story is tomorrow's old news. Fashions come and go. In the blink of a cursor, technology transforms what we do and how we think. But Clarks will always be about the shoes. They're in our DNA. They're the bedrock of what sets us apart; a symbol of who we are and what we do best.

Get the shoes right. The rest will follow.

Create without compromise

Do the right thing. Our craft is at the heart of what we do and what we deliver. Our skills and our specialisms may move with the times. Our creativity and our vision may evolve. But they will always be underpinned by a commitment to doing things properly. No quick fixes. No cutting corners. We will always do what's right, not what's easiest, fastest or cheapest.

Make your vision matter.

Find the beauty in simplicity

Simple is best. We're a big, global company. But complex doesn't have to be complicated. Process shouldn't impede progress. We will embrace simplicity, encourage accountability and trust in the expertise of our decision makers. Finding the beauty in simplicity isn't always easy. But it is always possible.

Keep things simple.

We will innovate

Think ahead. Stand still and the world moves on without you. That's why we will always innovate. That's why we will continually seek out new ways to be better and to do better. We will never just keep pace, we will set the pace. The benchmarks will be ours and while we lead where others may follow, our ambition must be that they will always be one step behind.

Find a better way.

Create lasting value

Share our worth. We've been established for almost 200 years. And we're still going strong, evolving as a brand and as a business. To our customers in all four corners of the globe, to our employees and to our shareholders we will deliver lasting value as an essential ingredient of sustainable, responsible growth, always handing on brand and business in a better place.

Grow sustainably and responsibly.

Founded on a partnership

Value our partnerships. Our story began with two brothers - Cyrus and James Clark - working together. And partnerships remain central to our success. There are the partnerships between us and our colleagues around the world; between us and our suppliers and collaborators. But perhaps above all, are the partnerships we forge with our consumers. Enabling us to make a unique contribution to the quality of their lives, they're the partnerships we must value most.

Work together.

Our founders were pioneers

Challenge the everyday. We always think as pioneers. We never rest on what we know, nor accept the status quo. We think differently and do things differently. We learn from our mistakes as well as our successes. This is our industry and we will always define it.

Lead don't follow.

Clarks is a family company

Build our future on our past. Established in 1825 by Cyrus and James, Clarks has been in the same family's safe hands ever since and family values like responsibility, respect and integrity are an enduring part of our success. They're not only a link to the past, they will also be a bridge to the future as Clarks continues to be a special place to work.

Be welcoming and helpful.

The future is authentic

Celebrate who we are. Our home is in Street, Somerset. Our story has unfolded with the passage of time but our origins and our sense of place are a constant. We are still owned by the family that founded us and proudly known throughout the world by the family name, the principles and traditions that it stands for.

Be real.

Our Community

We believe that making great footwear is only one part of our job. An equally important part is being active members of our local communities and in the greater global community - using our talents, ingenuity and work ethic to bring assistance where it's needed. Below are some of the ways we work together to make a difference.

Clarks Foundation

The Clarks Companies Foundation was founded in 2006 to help young people achieve their academic goals by providing scholarships that help students attend universities, community colleges and certificate programs.

Learn more about The Clarks Foundation



Clarks plays an active role in supporting Triangle, Inc., helping people with disabilities gain greater dignity, independence and economic self-sufficiency. In 2011, Clarks retail employees raised over $765K during the holiday season by selling store coupons. All proceeds of the sales went to Triangle, Inc.

Learn more about Triangle

The Two/Ten Foundation

Each year Two/Ten provides more than $1.6 million in funds and services to the footwear community. In partnership with Clarks Americas Inc., Two/Ten has supported our employees with student scholarships, social service support, career support and retirement and health planning.

Learn more about The Two/Ten Foundation

Read about our Behaving Responsibly Program
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