Q&A with Jeremy Haag, Product Development Engineer

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"Working in the largest brown shoe company in the world, there are a multitude of career paths to follow, or make your own."

Q: What inspired you to join the shoe business?

A: Sometimes it feels as if the shoe business finds people as much as people find the shoe business but when you're in, you're in. I began with Clarks in the Order Entry Department before answering phones in Customer Service. I then worked as the Mailroom and Reception Supervisor before becoming the Office Manager. From there I was very fortunate to apprentice with the Product Development Engineers, learning the ins-and-outs of shoemaking and picking up tricks of the trade from the "Old Shoe Dogs". That's where my journey has led me today, working as a Product Development Engineer.

Q: What do you enjoy about working at Clarks?

A: I enjoy that I can grow personally and professionally in one of the most prestigious footwear brands on the planet, all the while being in the company of talented and caring people that I am fortunate to call coworkers and friends.

Q: How long have you been with us? What makes you stay at Clarks?

A: I'm approaching 16 years with Clarks. Although I did work with another footwear company for a few years, I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to return to Clarks. I'm sure that deep down I knew that I would love to come back to the great company that I've come to call home.

Q: What career opportunities are there?

A: Working in the largest brown shoe company in the world, there are a multitude of career paths to follow, or make your own.

Q: What should someone want to work at Clarks?

A: At Clarks there is a great blend of knowledge, experience and talent. I can look around in our office and see many of the same people that were here 18 years ago that are continuing to realize their potential in the same organization. It's fitting in an industry like footwear where we can combine tried and true methods with new materials or conversely flip it around and take a fresh look at utilizing traditional materials in an unconventional way to create something of unique value. Whether one is bringing a wealth of experience to the company or looking to expand a young career, both could be well-served. We are constantly seeking ways to innovate and improve.

Q: How many pairs of shoes do you have?

A: Let's just say, I have at least a pair for every occasion ... except the next occasion. I'll need to get another pair for that, of course.

Jeremy Haag, Product Development Engineer (Supply Chain)

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